Cumberland County

Cumberland County, highlighted in map of Virginia

The second son of George II was Prince William, the Duke of Cumberland. He led the English forces in 1745 at the Battle of Culloden, where Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Scottish allies were thoroughly defeated. This eliminated the threat to George II and his House of Hanover from the old Stuart line of succession to the English throne.

Prince William was labelled "The Butcher of Culloden" because of his rough treatment of the Highlander prisoners.

Prince William served as the Regent, acting for his nephew King George III, when the king experienced a brief fit of madness in 1765. Prince William was allied with William Pitt, and the king selected Pitt (as Earl of Chatham) in 1766 to serve as Prime Minister. Unfortunately, Pitt too went insane and had to resign after two ineffective years.

Fork of Willis Church in Cumberland County
Fork of Willis Church in Cumberland County

Mega-Landfill in Cumberland County


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